Nina May Hall

St Mary Magdalene

The goddess of the divine flame & sacred union



A message from the Magdalene Flame

Channelled to Nina May Hall through the

divine energies of Mary Magdalene

This is a recording if you prefer to listen

I come to you from the wind

Whispering to your mind

Listen to my voice

Deep inside your soul


 The call to awaken, as the seed is sown

Many lives are lifted

Many souls have grown


 Go inside your heart

Listen to your tone

Find your key, deep within

Open up the doors


 Many chambers deep within

Open to the light

Lifting all which is not light

Letting all it go


 Forgiveness and compassion

Is what heals the soul

Many forgotten lifetimes

Many forgotten thoughts


 Let us now remember

The goodness of the soul

Bless all those who read this

Bless all who we can tell


 In sacred union and compassion

Love to you all


 From my heart

From my heart flame

May it ignite your heart flame now and forever


 In Love as One xx

Copyright © 2017 Nina May Hall. All Rights Reserved

Copyright © 2017 Nina May Hall. All Rights Reserved