The Magdalene Awakening:Reclaiming the Divine FeminineThis workshop offers an opportunity to pass through a portal of light through the centre of the heart and learn the teachings of the divine feminine which has been hidden inside of you, sleeping so to say until the time of the new teaching of the fifth dimensions, ready to be released to awaken the sacred rose inside of you, trust that now is the time of total transformation and freedom using sacred mantras, meditations and forgiveness, DNA activation, and healing techniques to unfurl the petals of your heart chakra. Let's explore the true journey of Mary Magdalene.  Are you a part of the Magdalene Awakening ?  This workshop is a deep heart experience, which brings in the purest light of the integrated Christ, the energy, the whole of creation is based upon! A workshop which gives you the knowledge you need for this period, and, for the oncoming changes! Mary Magdalene represents the female aspect of the Christ, and she brings to humanity at this time, the new information, which prepares people for the New Age. Along with the Ascended Master Yeshua/ Sananda they bring to humanity the true essence of Love. They bring together the twin flames on Earth for greater service to our planet. As a sacred couple of Divine Love they seed on earth the Christ consciousness for our transition to the Aquarian age. Join the sacred circle of the rose & discover the true you In this sacred circle you will: Learn why Mary Magdalene’s teaching are important now? Work with the rays of the sacred heart and awaken to the sacred teachings long forgotten Learn how to awaking the Magdalene flame Work with the temple of Ccara. Work with Twin flame connection & soul family's Attunment and healing practices with the energies of the Mary Experience how these codes, used in combination with sacred songs in the Universal Language of Light, assist the body, the DNA structure, chakras, endocrine glands and hormones to more fully embody the Christ Consciousness. contact Nina on 0191 27017975 or 07951310888 or e-mail: nina@divinelight.bizConnect To Mary & The Knights TemplarsGrail Line WorkshopConnect with the Knights Templar, Mary Magdalene Grail line. Connect with your heart and be guided to connect to your higher self. During this wonderful day you will have the opportunity to work with the Ruby ray and open the inner chambers of your heart to release all that no longer serves you, filling the void with the energy of compassion bringing ease into your soul. Calling forth Mary Magdalene and the keys and codes she has for you. Awaken the healing power in you. Are you guided to travel to the higher realms of light and love, where you will meet several etheric Knights Templar. Through meditation, you too can meet them and learn to be guided by them. The Templars, these etheric Knights, are the guardians of the grid. It is very important that each individual taps into the grid and learns to clear their own space. The Knights Templar have been given the job to be guardians of the grid. Now they need your help. Are they calling you to join them to bring peace into this World? contact Nina on 0191 27017975 or 07951310888 or e-mail: nina@divinelight.bizKeys to the Labyrinth WorkshopThe labyrinth is an ancient symbol that relates to wholeness. It is a tool of mystery, which is anchored in the earth, combining the imagery of the circle and the circle of life. It represents a journey to our own centre, our inner soul, bringing peace and wisdom to our being During this workshop we will take a journey into a meditation circle calling in the energies of the Labyrinth, through the Magdalene flame, to collect our key, our gifts, balancing our energies, to bring healing to each one of us male and female, to bring harmony and balance into the energy grid.  Are you a keeper of the keys to your life? Nina extends an invitation 'Come join me dear si-stars /brothers to experience this powerful personal journey of enlightenment. From my heart to your heart, Love Joy and Happiness, Peace be with you always'. God Bless. contact Nina on 0191 27017975 or 07951310888 or e-mail: nina@divinelight.bizAwaken the Hidden God/Goddess WorkshopThis is a one day workshop Discovering the Goddess Within every woman... man.... Awaken your inner God/Goddess realm as you take the Psyche journey to spiritual empowerment. Join Nina & Jerry as they take you on a captivating journey back to the world of the ancient memories of the Goddess, which have been hidden for so long. It is her story that awakens your spiritual self because every woman embodies the goddess/god as does each male embody both male and female aspects also. However, many have blocks to the inner identity and so like Briar Rose and Snow White the Goddess may be sleeping within. Come along and relax  and enjoy as Nina reveals the wisdom  codes of Mary Magdalene, Psyche,  Athena, and Isis. You will discover what you have always known — their story is your story. Discovering the Goddess Within every woman... Awaken your inner Goddess realm as you take the Psyche journey to spiritual empowerment. In the first half of the workshop Nina explains the Goddess's journey through her many stories throughout history. The wise ones hid the codes to spiritual awakening within wonderful stories and legends. See your own journey reflected in the ancient story of Isis, Mary and Psyche. In the second half of the workshop Nina uncovers the hidden Mary Magdalene codes within our traditional fairy stories of Cinderella, Snow White, Briar Rose and many more. Discover how you have identified with the wounded goddess and negated her strengths.  As the stories go on, you will discover that the whole, vibrant, powerful goddess is just a “wish” away. contact Nina on 0191 27017975 or 07951310888 or e-mail: nina@divinelight.bizHome Study WorkshopThe Tool for Anyone Who Finds Meditation too much like Hard Work. This board is designed as a tool to connect you with your Deepest Knowing. When you follow the winding path of the Classic 7 circuit Labyrinth formation you will move into other levels of consciousness where you can seek healing and clarity about the issues that are important to you in your life. Meditation is a well-known method of accessing Inner Wisdom. This tool acts as a moving meditation, allowing you to slip out of the normal waking state and into a place where Insights and Creativity abound. By following the 22 minute Audio, you will be led to clear and clean your 7 major chakras that are represented by the coloured levels on the board. While in the meditative state you will then ask your question and draw the Key that fits it. This Key is the goal your Soul sees for this journey or question. You will also draw a Challenge/Reward card which will indicate one of the challenges you will face on this journey and the reward that comes from overcoming the challenge. The Audio will gently guide you to clear the blockage or challenge on your path so that you can move more effortlessly toward your goal. During this peaceful 20 minute journey you will take time out to reflect on your important issues and find the direction you need to move more confidently toward your goals. Understanding your Soul's agenda in any situation makes the decisions you make more meaningful and fulfilling, allowing you to be truly authentic in your living. Enrich Your Life by Connecting to Your Soul’s Wisdom. Now!  £20 +£4.95 Delivery contact Nina on 0191 27017975 or 07951310888 or e-mail: nina@divinelight.bizNina & Jerry are seeeking venues in the UK and around the world to hold workshops on Mary Magdalene and the hidden God/Goddess,
Knights Templar, Walking the Labyrinth the Sacred Circle, Earth Healing, Forgiveness, and Aura & Light body activation.
Workshops running monthly throughout 2017/2018 to register your interest or if you would like to host a workshop in a venue near you
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All workshops honour the male and the female accepts of ourselves so males and females are called now to join our hearts in these sacred circles

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