Ascended Master Saint Mary Magdalene



The goddess of the divine flame & sacred union


The story of the Magdalene is ancient. It was told by the early Gnostics, and before them the Egyptians, and before them the Sumerians…for surely this story goes back through many lifetimes. It has been hidden and changed over centuries.


The true story is also hidden in the Vatican, which will be released one day for those with eyes to see.


Beloved Magdalene has lived on this earth plane, she has walked the way. She was born in Israel and carried the flame of the divine feminine. She was trained by women in the sacred mystery schools


She was married to Yeshua Ben Joseph and they had children.


She has loved, lost and has felt the deepest wounds. She was tortured, stoned, disowned, judged and abandoned, dis-robed and betrayed and punished on the deepest levels.  Her name has been hidden, spat on and condemned. She has had to live with being called a prostitute for centuries, her heart has been broken, and she too has felt the dark night of the soul which many on this earth plane have also felt.


Mary Magdalene fled from Palestine to the south of France, where it was her mission to hold the Light of the Christ Consciousness and the teachings of the Christ.


At this time she wishes not to focus on her former life in biblical times with Jesus, as she has returned to the present time to teach that which she has learnt.


For forgiveness has entered her heart and she has come forth as a warrior of love to place the divine flame in your heart.  Mary Magdalene's role in this Age of Aquarius is as a healer, a warrior priestess, a saint, and a compassionate teacher to those with ears to hear.


In her messages to come she will bring the knowledge, the wisdom and the gifts to change your lives. To release all which no longer serves you and for you to let go of the old outdated feelings which have crystallized into you aura and bodies causing dis-ease, stress, worry and fear.


Mary’s words and teachings will bring the suppressed feminine within each of us, man or women, back into balance in perfect union with the masculine, bringing greater joy to all.


The energies on the planet are now high enough for heaven to return to earth. For peace will return, one person at a time, one light at a time and it gives me so much pleasure, joy and pride to be able to share Mary’s teachings and wisdom with you.


I ask you to go into your heart when you read this information and see what feels true to you. Be open to the energies of these words, be open to receive.


Descend to us now, Holy Grail of the Sangreal, Saint Mary Magdalene, and the divine flame.

Copyright © 2017 Nina May Hall. All Rights Reserved

Copyright © 2017 Nina May Hall. All Rights Reserved

Copyright © 2017 Nina May Hall. All Rights Reserved