Nina May Hall


Nina is a Master Being of Light and Love, with a mission to assist other angelic humans to raise their consciousness, to integrate their light bodies, to activate their DNA strands and energy bodies once more, and to bridge heaven and earth. Further to this, to assist our beloved Earth Mother to release the wounds she has held for us, to repair her body and ours.

Now is the time to anchor Love and peace through the veins of the earth, so we may live as One, with peace in our hearts and grace on our path. To spread Love, Light and Joy from our hearts and to awaken the key codes within ourselves, and to touch and awaken the codes in all Souls we meet

Listen to Nina tell you what she does,  how she works and the passion she has for this work and the help she can give to people to feel complete and at peace within themselves.

Her heart is calling all who wish to join her to connect their hearts; to grow and blossom together; to allow the ribbons of their hearts to weave Love into our invisible garments of Light. Come join her on this wonderful journey.


She has worked full time with many holistic therapies, specializing in aura photography and karmic clearing, working with the karmic board, as well as the Library of Light (Akashic Records) in the etheric realms.


Beloved Mary Magdalene further comes through to work with her (She was a shepherdess in times gone by), and through the Overlighting of this Divine Feminine energy, She is able to truly teach from the heart all who come to her and to assist the god/goddess in you to shine from the inside out. She has the ability to activate the codes within your heart through this reflection of Love, which will further assist you to awaken your own Master key codes in Love, and activate these key codes within your cellular memory and DNA, moving you forward on your journey of enlightenment.


After many years of devotion and study, She has earned her Spiritual maturity and is ready to assist you in your journey into the Light. She wishes to carry forward the teachings of the Magdalene and over the forthcoming times bring the sacred truth of balance and harmony to each and every one of  you.  To bring the truth of the feminine back onto this planet to restore the sacred union of male and female in each and every one of us.

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