Da Vinci said “Man is the model of the world.” He believed the human body is a perfect representation of nature, a replication of all that is Holy. He left nearly 4,000 pages of notes and sketches, many of which are mysterious as well as magnificent, and all divulge an incredibly passionate mind focused on creation. He wrote his text backwards in a mirror image, and on any given page there were sometimes as many as four different subjects he dealt with simultaneously. His art is among the most revered in the world, and his scientific inventions (which numbered in the many hundreds) were astounding. His words of profound wisdom are often quoted.  Where did such genius come from?

Leonardo Da Vinci was indeed the embodiment of a spiritual being having a human experience, and his legacy was that the extraordinary beauty of his work, and his brilliance and mastery, continue to inspire humankind hundreds of years after his death. Art, in its highest form, is the “holy made visible” and da Vinci’s work is among the holiest.

Nina is now offering Da Vinci Soul Intention readings. Working with the divine proportion spread and the golden mean ratio, bringing into manifesting your life path of Grace. Helping you to release your old 3rd dimensional patterns of pain and illusion, old updated habits, and collective consciousness of fear.


Working with the sacred symbols during your reading  you too  can become whole and balanced through opening your heart and becoming opening to your higher self.


As you  heal you you are also helping mother Earth as we are all one.


Because you are worth it.

Love those who can smile in trouble, who can gather strength from distress, and grow brave by reflection.”

Leonardo da Vinci

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