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  • Healings

    My Journey has taken me to a place where I know now that I have work to do around our planet

    Earth, working with the Elements and Gridkeepers bringing love into our world. If you would like to join me or arrange a workshop where we can come along  to you please contact me.


    Sacred Ceremonies

    Mother Earth Healing and Ceremonies:

    Create Energy Portals of Angel Gate-Medicine Wheel Vortexes on your Land, Anchor in Angelic and Galactic Energies to Earth, Earth Grid Ley  line Clearing and Activation


    Sacred Geometry:

     Angel Gate-Medicine Wheel Energy Vortexes, Angelic Merkaba for Ascension Activation,


    Energy Healing:

    Using John of God crystal light bed, Tuning Forks, Light Language Sound Therapy, & Crystals, Shamballa healing tools & Colour.


    Past Life Regression.


    Karmic Healing, Cord Cutting

    Healing sessions can be carried out at distance after some telephone contact has been made, although I would prefer to meet you in person.

    contact Nina on 0191 270 1975 or 07951 310 888
    or e-mail: nina@divinelight.biz

  • Readings

    Nina May is proud to offer you the opportunity to receive an in-depth:


    Tarot Reading: - Kabbalistic reading: - Tree of Life Reading: - Flower of Life Reading


    Sacred Geometry Grid Code Reading:


    Using patterns of designs from the Flower of Life  & Metatron's Cube  awaken the code inside you connecting your DNA strands calling in the energies of the four corners bringing healing to the earth plane as well as your soul.


    Readings are available by appointment, and can be conducted in person or by phone. These readings help one to define purposes and goals, and will give insights to questions, from a soul perspective.


    This is a good method if you are concerned or have questions about relatively specific issues. Get insight and advice about career moves, relationships, and finances...or request a reading that gives insight to the energies and situations you will need to deal with in the year ahead. It will give you a broad overview of the various cycles, karma, challenges and opportunities you will face throughout your life.


    Remember that readings do not tell you what to do. Readings are an indicator of circumstances and energies surrounding a situation and/or individual. YOU always have the choice to modify situations and your attitudes. Therefore, readings are not predictive in the "classic" sense. They only give indication on the most likely course of events because people tend to be habitual in their reactions and actions...EACH ACTION AND DECISION YOU MAKE CONSCIOUSLY CHANGES YOUR FUTURE! Therefore, realise that all readings are perspectives of the moment, filtered through the personality and perspective of the reader...the comments and insights should never be regarded as final or the "only" possibility

    contact Nina on 0191 270 1975 or 07951 310 888 or e-mail: nina@divinelight.biz

  • Karmic Clearing

    Karmic Clearing can uplift and awaken you physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. It will clear the blocks that may be preventing you from gaining the best of your potential in life, or from achieving total well-being through peace of heart and mind, or good health.


    Our aura reflects our state of mind and our emotional balance even before we actually become sick and a Karmic Clearing session will ensure that the aura is clear and that a good and smooth flow of energy around the body is re-established.


    After a Karmic Clearing session, you may find that other therapies that have proved unsuccessful may now be of benefit in relieving emotional, mental or physical problems. You may have cleared your karma, but be so programmed to follow certain behaviour patterns caused by karma, that you still feel the emotions such as guilt or fear even though the cause has passed.


    Karmic Clearing deals with the removal of karmic contracts that are causing disruption in our lives. A karmic contract is unconsciously-held decisions, attitudes, beliefs, thoughts, considerations and agreements that we live by and have made with other people. Set yourself free. Be the true you. Cut those cords which bind you. Empower your soul now, Live your life Your way.

    contact Nina on 0191 270 1975 or 07951 310 888
    or e-mail: nina@divinelight.biz

  • Past Life Regression

    From our "Clinic of Miracles" here in Newcastle upon Tyne, we have noticed Past Life Regression is more popular now than ever before. The awakening of people like yourself has never been stronger. That is why you have been drawn to the words you are reading now.


    Your Higher Self has guided you to the solution to your problems. Congratulations for listening to your intuition. Thank Your Higher Self for it's guidance. Be Greatful. For You truly are awakening. The Solution to your problems is now just a phone call away.


    The idea that we have lived before exists throughout many cultures and religions. The belief is that we are incarnated here in this life to learn from our experiences and in doing so we progress on a spiritual level.


    Each lifetime brings its own challenges and rewards, depending on how we deal with each situation we are given, it is also believed that the links and bonds we have made in one life are continued in the lives that follow. For example your wife in your previous life could be your best friend in this.


    We are born, we live, and we die and then return to the source to start the process again. Our memories of these events are hidden deep within our subconscious minds, the reason for this is that as a child coming into the world, the process of dealing with our feelings and memories from our past lives and adjusting to our present would be too confusing.


    There are also physical conditions that can be carried forward from a Past Life to manifest in this life as a similar or related condition, if a person died of a breathing condition such as TB, then perhaps in this life they would feel the effects in the form of asthma or similar.


    Hypnosis has been found to be a very safe and effective way of accessing the thoughts feelings and images, stored in our unconscious mind. There are many myths and misconceptions about what Past Life Regression actually is and what happens, and these have been further confused by stage hypnotism. The one thing you can be assured of is that anyone can be regressed.


    Regardless of your personal faith or belief, regression can work for you through gentle and relaxing hypnosis, unlocking doors in your mind to understand how past lives can be influencing who you are now. Have you ever coined the phrase "I am sure I am paying for something in a past life" when things are not going quite right for you, or perhaps you have met a stranger and felt that you knew them, maybe you have visited a place and had that feeling of deja vu? Often people and places are important in our lives in helping in our progression and experiences we are here to gain. Sometimes we bring traumatic experiences into this life from a past life, resulting in irrational fears, phobias or behaviour. Under regression these issues can be dealt with so that they can no longer have any effect.

    contact Nina on 0191 270 1975 or 07951 310 888
    or e-mail: nina@divinelight.biz

  • Crystal Light Bed

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Copyright © 2017 Nina May Hall. All Rights Reserved

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